Certified Hairstyle Course - 1 Month includes

1-Hair Theory, Product & Tools Knowledge
2-Braids · Three Strands Braid · FishTail · Four Stands Braid · Five Strands Braid · Eleven Stands Braid · Waterfall, French Braids · Dutch Braid · Normal Braid · Up side Braid
3-Rubber Band Technique · Dragon Pony · Upside Twisting Long Do · Twisting Low Bun
4-Stuffing Bun · High Bun · LOW Bun · Chignon (Low) Bun
6-Front Variation
7- Star Burst
8- Half U Roll Twisting Back Flower
9- Stuffing Puff
10.Crimping, Tong, (Variation)
11-Iron, Iron Tong (Variation)
12. Blow Dry (Different Types of drying)
13.Teasing Puff, Waves & Buds

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